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Facial Rejuvenation



"Robin, I was slightly skeptical but I wanted to improve my skin for my daughter's wedding without using chemicals. After 10 sessions, my sallow skin tone looked much more alive and vibrant.  My family said that I looked healthier, with less stress on my face. I was delighted with the outcome and also feel more energetic from the acupuncture treatments, which were SO relaxing! Thank you." - E. R. (Mother of the bride) 

Inner Flow, Outward Glow!


Facial rejuvenation – sometimes called the “acupuncture face-lift” -- is the answer for anyone who wants to slow the signs of aging without undergoing surgery, or turning to potentially-toxic chemicals.  Using ancient Chinese protocols, facial rejuvenation aims to diminish wrinkles and reduce muscle tension that cause facial lines by stimulating the body’s natural “Qi” (pronounced “ch-eee”), its energy.  The treatment uses a combination of acupuncture points on the face and body, and addresses the underlying causes that contribute to the aging process.  If you want to look & feel like you have more vitality & less stress then this could be a good choice for you. Some folks come every month and others opt to the series of 10-12 sessions. Doing a series will provide maximum, longer-lasting benefits since the results can be cumulative. Maintenance sessions are scheduled according to each individual’s needs after the initial series of appointments.

What to Expect During the Treatment:

*The session begins with a full-body acupuncture treatment so that your vital energy begins to re-balance...working on root causes.

*Facial needling – the treatment uses tiny sterile needles that are gently inserted around the face, neck and scalp.
*Gentle facial cupping –  like a facial massage, the cups promote Qi and blood circulation
*Jade gua sha tool – a tool that gently scrapes the skin to promote circucation
*Jade roller – ending with the coolness of an ancient Chinese jade roller -- closing the facial pores, reducing puffiness and improving facial radiance.


Nothing New – It’s an Ancient Chinese Secret!

The ancient Chinese Emperors and Empresses knew that beauty was a matter of inner health. Their doctors used acupuncture and herbs for outward beautification.  If acupuncture promotes the optimal flow of the body’s vital energy from head-to-toe, the face will be revitalized too, becoming more vibrant. Healing can then begin in those areas that need it.

Looking young isn’t very fun if you feel old. And no one wants to look older than they feel.   Facial rejuvenation is effective because it aligns a healthy body with a healthy face --  “inner flow, outward glow!”

Erase 5 – 10 years off of your face without surgery
  • Slow the age process down from within
  • Erase fine lines, diminish deeper wrinkles
  • Reduce bags/circles under eyes
  • Relieve puffiness & excess fluids
  • Improve muscle tone and increases collagen production
  • Improve hormonal balance
  • Increase circulation of blood and lymph to the face and improve facial color
  • Reduce stress evident in the face
  • Promote overall well-being

Cost Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation
A full-body acupuncture treatment with the emphasis on the health, glow and integrity of the face.

$150 - 1st treatment, which includes an initial consultation and treatment (1.5 hours)

$130 - Followup treatments (1 hour)

$120 - 10–12 treatments package (1 hour)


*for maximum results, acupuncture facial rejuvenation takes 10-12 treatments to truly make the most positive impact on your facial complexion, tone and vibrancy. With these treatments, you are receiving an acupuncture facial treatment plus a full-body acupuncture treatment. The positive results are cumulative and build upon the previous treatments.